Police officers may not execute the death penalty on any civilian suspected of a crime. Or, for a failure to comply with the officers instructions or questions, or for any reason without a trial. Executions of civilians by officers will be deemed as intent for first degree murder or attempted murder where the civilain does not die.
Police officers are prohibited from using deadly force or force likely to cause serious bodily injury or death as stated above in all cases EXCEPT where a civilian has a firearm, a deadly chemical that can lead to instant death, a motor vehicle, or lethal weapon designed by the manufacturer specifically to kill or cause serious bodily injury, and said-weapon is directed at an officer, other officers, or in the direct path of other civilians.
In the case of a motor vehicle, all appropriate measures to stop the progression of the moving vehicle must be first employed.
Working body cams are required on all officers at all times for the protection of officers, the courts, and civilians who have not been tried or convicted of a crime. Failure to have functional body cams with clear images will have imputed guilt for tampering and/or gross negligence by the officer and associated police department. DRAFT 1 6/17/2020 by Natashia Deon, Mom, Attorney


IN SUM, this proposed law would prevent officers from carrying out the death penalty on untried civilians in the street or in jails.

Under this law, failures by officers would result in criminal penalties. But its primary goal is to save lives--their own, the lives of innocent civilians, and the lives of people whose alleged crimes would not result in the death penalty, even if they were later found guilty.

In time, this law would help to stabilize the relationship between law enforcement agencies and the community, and under the direction of defense specialists and non-lethal weapons experts, will train officers on non-lethal and de-escalation techniques and approaches because murder would be off the table.

We are all community. We are in this together. And I believe we can save lives.


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